Now I know it’s already the end of June, but I decided to start a new series once a month featuring my favorite things of the month; starting with the month of May (better late than never) My favorites will be of random things, from food items to beauty products to fashion accessories; anything really. As long as I genuinely love it, and here’s hoping you will too!

So here is a list of my favorite things I enjoyed in May, in no specific order:

Mimi Ikonn You Tube Channel

I absolutely adore Mimi Ikonn and her family. She actually inspired me to create a favorites list. Her You Tube channel is all about her enjoying life in London with her husband and adorable baby girl,filled with beautiful travels and her positive outlook on life. She and her husband also happen to own a successful hair extensions company called Luxy Hair.

The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute journal was actually created by both Mimi Ikonn and her husband Alex. This journal helps you to focus on all the good in your life and embrace gratitude. Studies have actually shown some impressive benefits to the simple act of writing down the things for which we’re grateful; such as better sleep, improved health and happiness. I know for myself when I start appreciating more things in my life and acknowledge it, it changes my personal vibration and I focus much less on what I don’t have.

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips

I love love love chocolate and love to bake! And being that I don’t consume any gluten or soy, I can’t just eat any chocolate because believe it or not both ingredients are commonly found in chocolate brands. So that’s why I absolutely love the brand Enjoy Life. They are allergy friendly, non GMO and don’t contain any gluten, soy, nuts or dairy. Best of all they are super delicious and I love using their chocolate chips when I bake my fav banana bread.

The Goddess Line Fragrance 

I don’t wear perfume because of its toxic ingredients and so my sister gifted me this beautiful all natural roll on fragrance oil from The Goddess Line, a small business in New York City that hand makes all their products using locally sourced ingredients. Each scent is named after a goddess & gives a description of its aromatherapy benefits.

I’ve always had a thing for vanilla so I am loving the Pavarti scent which has notes of vanilla and sweet almond oil. Pavarti is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion; and represents divine strength and power. So as I roll the oil onto my skin, I like to think I’m channelling my inner goddess.

How I Built This Podcast

This awesome podcast features inspirational stories of successful people’s journeys of how they started their business and achieved their success. Inspiring stories from Kate Spade, founders of Instagram, the owners of Crate and Barrel, Whole Foods, plus tons more! These amazing creators share some insightful tips and the course they took to create their empire and products that we use today.

Anthropologie Plates

If you’ve seen my Instagram page then you’ll be quick to notice my love for Anthropologie. Just walking into that store brings me a sense of calm. I always leave so inspired, along with a bag (or two) of “much needed” goodies. And of course my fav section is the home decor. I always love to see what new artists they’ve collaborated with. I absolutely love my Lou Rota dessert plates that have whimsical designs of nature’s beautiful creatures. They are perfect to serve any delicious appetizer or decadent dessert and will have your guests swooning over their enchanted designs.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Since my eyebrows are thin, I always have to fill them in. Up until recently I couldn’t find anything I really liked that would give them that natural look, and then I came across Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow pencil. With just a few strokes it gives my eyebrows a natural defined full look. And best of all, its water proof so my eyebrows will still be there through an NYC heatwave or dip in the water. Until I find a natural, non toxic eyebrow filler, this will have to do.

Karma Nails 

All of the beauty products I use are non toxic (with the exception of my Benefits eyebrow pencil) Nail polish is known to have many toxic chemicals such as triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) which disrupts the hormone system. Thats pretty scary. So when I come across natural and non toxic products such as Karma Organic Nail polishes, I become hooked. They’re free of TPHP, formaldehyde and lots of other garbage found in nail polish, as well as cruelty free. Best of all they have an assortment of beautiful colors and last for days without having to touch up. I love their red “party dress” color.

What are some of your favorites? Leave me a comment! I would love to know

With love,


*Disclaimer: None of the items listed in this post are sponsored, just enjoyed by me!