Halloween is just a few days away! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays and the best excuse to be a kid again without having to explain yourself (you know who you are) It’s such a fun time to see kids so excited and dressed in the cutest costumes. With the exception of those poor moody kids who want nothing to do with trick or treating, but their parents are all about it. Oh gotta love those parents. I absolutely love to see my nephews enjoying themselves and of course help myself to some of their candy (no shame)

Well here is a fun and simple trick or treat bar filled with a little something for every kid.

These milk cups were super simple to make. All you need is a black sharpie & clear plastic cups along with your best drawing skills. If you don’t feel confident to free hand like I did, you can print out pictures of faces and insert into the empty cup and trace over!

I found these adorable Halloween tin buckets from the dollar store and filled them with candy and chocolate. I also included a glass jar filled with toys, bubbles and erasers, and I couldn’t pass up the chocolate eyeballs.


To offer more than just sugar filled sweets, I included some healthy snacks like grapes, homemade popcorn and chocolate pudding. What, chocolate pudding isn’t healthy? To save some time, I picked up Kozy Shack already made chocolate pudding from the market. And let me tell you, its crazy delicious and actually has pretty good ingredients compared to other brands.

I added the chocolate pudding in the orange and white striped paper cups from TomKat Studio and topped with Halloween Kit Kats and sprinkles. The inside of the paper cups are lined with wax paper, so they can be used for just about anything.
Feel free to fill paper cups with any kid friendly snacks, even rice pudding. It’s always nice to serve food on a platter or big dinner plate to help keep the table neat and looking pretty. I can’t tell you how much use I’ve gotten out of my West Elm Fish’s Eddy serving platter. Its perfect for every season!

By all means, Martha Stewart it all and bake your own mini cupcakes, but I grabbed these from the market and added Halloween sprinkles. I may or may not have hand picked the rainbow sprinkles already on them, but save yourself the sanity and buy cupcakes without sprinkles so you can add any sprinkles that will match the theme of your party . I placed the cupcakes on a cake stand I made using a white dinner plate from the dollar store glued to a wooden candlestick from Michael’s, which I painted black. Really is such a simple and inexpensive way to make a cake stand.

I’d like to think when I have my own children, I’ll be baking all these delicious and healthy treats and never give them store bought anything. Oh one can dream! No big deal if want to save yourself the time and sanity and buy most of it from the market.

Hope my Halloween Kiddie bar inspires you this Halloween! Would love to see your Halloween creations! Tag me on instagram (@HostedwithLovewith) with the hashtag #HWLhalloween


With love,